About us

Sanskrit is known as “Dev Vaani” or the language of gods. With an express aim of promoting Sanskrit among the masses, a separate department of Education has been formed where the students can benefit from the knowledge of traditional subjects of Sanskrit as well as modern subjects. 

Rajkiya Laxminath Shasrti Sanskrit Mahavidyalaya, Chithwari, is one such college catering to the fusion of the traditional and modern. Affiliated to Jagadguru Ramanandacharya Rajasthan Sanskrit University, Jaipur, it aims at promoting Sanskrit, inculcating traditional values, providing a cultural environment, character building and at the same time providing students with career options  and making them compatible with the requirements of modern times.

The college is situated at the foothill of a small hill and is being run in a heritage building. The building has an interesting history attached with it and was used as the resting place of the Rawalji, who later donated the building for the purpose of building an educational institute here. Pandit Jaggananth ji was instrumental in this. The initiation of education in the village was done in the premises of the temple of God Laxminath and the name of the college bears testimony to it.

The college has recently come under 2(F) and 12(b) of the U.G.C. Act and is on its way to expansion and progress.